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United Nations University ,Tokyo, Japan acknowledged the operation of a Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE-Tirupati) on ‘Education for Sustainable Development’ under the Chairmanship of Prof.R.Ramamurthi. The Foundation is being launched at Orion Hall of Hotel Pai Viceroy on Oct 1st 2015 at 7.30 pm.

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Development is an integral component of a nation’s path towards progress with passage of time and is an absolute corollary for human welfare. In order to be  achieve  sustainability of development we need to have a convergence and coalition of interdisciplinary knowledge. Once this happens a new discipline is born namely “SUSTAINABILITY SCIENCE” which encompasses inputs from Economics, Ethics, Sociology , Law and Environment including Biodiversity. Mark my word-Environment is a word accepted by every one –household word-but not biodiversity though it is the very essence of environmental paradigm.

We do remember that the great movements of ‘Green revolution’ fatigued due profligate life styles of people with least concern to bio-capacity and hence a new concept of ‘Evergreen revolution’ is introduced by Prof.M.S.Swaminathan the crusader of movement to make the world hunger free with Environment friendly and sustainable livelihoods. In a special plenary session held at Visakhapatnam at the 95 th session of ISCA under my Presidentship, Prof.M.S.Swaminathan, Dr.McNealy from Switzerland and Dr.V.N.Rajasekharan Pillai developed norms of operationalising sustainability science.
            Tsunami of Dec26 of 2004 which devastated several coastal countries including India and Sri Lanka created awareness among coastal populations about the importance of sea side vegetation such as Mangroves which act as ‘Bioshield’ to protect the coastal zone from storm surges and tidal disasters. They are to be considered as ‘Life savers’ and ‘Green soldiers’ of the coast. Study, mapping and propagation of coastal vegetation are the areas of field science of Sustainability Science.
Salination of rice fields frequently posed problems to farmers. By introducing ‘salt resistant ‘gene  from Mangroves into rice plant as a part of Ecotechnology produces rice variety which is salt resistant. There are many examples of  pollution remediation and carbon sinks for green house gases through biological agents contributing to Ecotechnologies.
Collective conservation of bio-resources as a part of protection of ecosystems involving local communities especially women leads to sustainable development.Such local communities should be called as ‘Genome saviours’ and they need all the help and assistance in terms of Communication, Education , public awareness and access to benefit sharing through launching of Self Help Groups(SHGS).Awareness should be created that biodiversity should be vigorously conserved  in view of the ecosystem services extended to us for our survival.
One important component of discussion is the link between Science and Vedas.Our ancient literature is replete with examples of scientific wisdom in areas of water,agriculture,medicine and governance.S.V.Vedic university is committed to explore this field of research for the benefit of human welfare.
This international consultation has 3 fold agenda.
1.Listening to words of wisdom from Dr.R.Chidambaram on various aspects of options of clean energy, nuclear safety and his new idea of ‘Biodiversity Fore sight Analysis’. Listening to him is always a process of continuing education.
2.Round table of conclave of Vice-Chancellors and Coordinators of Regional centers of NIUCBD to develop action plan ,thematic identity and agenda for the functioning of centers under the guidance and inputs from the dynamic Chairman of NBA.
2.Plan and develop road map for proposals of interaction with local communities for biodiversity conservation, CEPA,ABS and Livelihoods for women.
4.Special focus on areas of convergence of knowledge from Veda and Puranas  and their impact on scientific  developments in Medicine,Water and Energy.
We are thankful to messages received from CBD, Montreal, Canada, INUCBD under Dr.Bozzi of Italy and other like minded institutions.

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