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United Nations University ,Tokyo, Japan acknowledged the operation of a Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE-Tirupati) on ‘Education for Sustainable Development’ under the Chairmanship of Prof.R.Ramamurthi. The Foundation is being launched at Orion Hall of Hotel Pai Viceroy on Oct 1st 2015 at 7.30 pm.

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Eco Camps 

Nature is a huge laboratory. When you take a walk along the seashore, lake shore
or a walk along the fringe of the forest you observe things of marvels of Nature.
You see millions of insect colonies and arachnids under a rotten wooden log. Science gives us the power of
Observation; science gives us the power of analysis and science gives us the power of interpretation.
Taking young boys and girls on a trail opens up a wide horizon of experiential learning for them and that is what an Eco camp is. Nothing would impact the young minds as much as they discover for themselves.

They would understand what biodiversity is –what the Ecosystem services are – what the relationship is between
Water, trees and animals! What is leaf litter and what it does for an ecosystem!
Camps promote tolerance, kinship and comradery and the concept of working together.
They will understand what an ecotone is and the transition of communities in an ecosystem.


Sand binder Suaeda 


 mangroves of Krishnapatnam salt pen

Ecotourism at Kolleru.

ECO-TOURISM is a great concept and helps in promotion of Biodiversity Conservation

Atapaka,Kolleru                                                         Structures raised by Wild life Department


Ecotourism at Kolleru


Kakarlapalli Developmental infringement into livelihoods

Nest building   Open Bill storks at Uppalapadu

 Spot billed Pelican taking care of the young at Nelapattu


Uppalapadu Pelicanry  


Winged visitors at Uppalapadu 

White Ibis in Pulicat Lake                                            

             Painted stork at Pulicat

  Open Bills at Nelapattu

     Open Bills at Nelapattu


Littlecormorantsat Nelapattu             

          Young Pelican rearing to go


Great Indian Bustard in Rollapadu

image not displayed
Egg of Great Indian Bustard

Mangroves of Coringa  Author on   Board walk at Coringa

Great Study Centre  of Mangroves at Coringa

Mangroves of  Sunderbans
Sand binder Sueda

Protective fence against tiger attacks in Sunderbans 


Fully fenced  Forest check post


Mangroves of Pichavaram

Gahirmatha  in Odisha a great centre for breeding of Olive Green turtles

Red Sanders loot in Seshachalam forest area loss to National wealth

Gahirmatha  in Odisha a great centre for breeding of Olive Green turtles

Blue Carbon Sea Plants absorb carbon dioxide five times more than land plants

Medicinal Plant Nursery-A great Livelihood

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