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United Nations University ,Tokyo, Japan acknowledged the operation of a Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE-Tirupati) on ‘Education for Sustainable Development’ under the Chairmanship of Prof.R.Ramamurthi. The Foundation is being launched at Orion Hall of Hotel Pai Viceroy on Oct 1st 2015 at 7.30 pm.

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Pilgrim flux in Tirupati: Social and Ecological  Impact 

Tirupati is a very special region with the hill temple of Lord Sri Venkateswara attracting nearly 50,000 people visiting the city causing severe pressure on various aspects of human and animal life. Pressure is mostly on water, energy, health, hygiene and resources. The spin off problem is the waste generation and its disposal.

Ever increasing urbanization we need to develop satellite townships with good connectivity of roads. Widening of roads with felling of 70 to 100 year old trees and building of fly over roads created almost a point of no return in ecological degradation and pollution.
Access to clean drinking water for a majority of poor people is very critical. The pressure on water is augmented in residential and industrial areas by unhindered and ill planned extraction of ground water through tube(bore) wells. In Tirupati area the depth at which water could be located went down to 800-1000 feet. The impact of urbanization and changes in the land use pattern crept to rural areas. The major problem is the lack of supply of protected water supply. In several regions water for agriculture also is scarce and even the pump sets for ground water extraction go silent due to 10-12 hours of power cut per day. The issues identified as listed below are to be addressed in a manner which would enable us to initiate an integrated action plan.
1.WATER 2.BIODIVERSITY 3.ENERGY                                                                                                                                                                                                   The following is the summary of things that have happened in Tirupati over the years and possible solutions are also suggested.
1. Water spreads have disappeared
Tatayya gunta, Mallayya gunta(where TUDA office is located), Bomma gunta(where the Treasury is located), Singari gunta, Avilala cheruvu.
No effort is made to deepen ponds in TMC and close by areas!
2.Uncontrolled ground water extraction ! How could this happen with out pressure from ward representatives? Every street  has a bore pump which is a failure.
Basic common sense tells us that we can not sink a bore well every 25 feet!
3. Neighbouring state of TN has a rain water harvest policy- why we have not thought about it?
4. No awareness of soak pits for ground water recharge?
We should define priorities while working on 'Smart city ' concept.
5. While installation of solar panels is within the affordable range of upper middle class what smart efforts are made to convince people to generate power? I set up for example in May 2014 by installing solar panels of 3 KV for my residence and I do not see  any effort either by NERDCAP or industrial sector taking up promotion. What is holding up? Lack of payment of subsidies promised!'
6. Waste management:
Are there any federal sponsored projects for waste conversion into resource?
Is there a single street in Titupati without plastic and paper garbage? What do do? Educate people right from elementary school level and we can not leave everything to NGOs.
Are we not watching villages are much better because of 'Eruvu Dibba' concept?
We can not have a smart city only by digital awareness and development.
Priorities we need to identify are:
1. Water
2. Energy
3. Traffic control
4. Road connectivity to satellite town ships
5. Waste minimisation and management
6.Health and Hygiene
7. Digital knowledge and broad band services at affordable prices
8. Clean and Green ambience
Let us move forward hand in hand to work together for Smart Tirupati

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